August to September 2022

03/08/2022 Wednesday Missionary Prayer

07/08/2022 Sunday Family service Charles Williams

10/08/2022 Wednesday Ministry Andrew Geary

14/08/2022 Sunday Gospel Richard Catchpole

17/08/2022 Wednesday Ministry David Scott

21/08/2022 Sunday Gospel Joash Alenson

24/08/2022 Wednesday Ministry David Scott

28/08/2022 Sunday Gospel Daniel Bishop

31/08/2022 Wednesday Ministry Peter Scott

04/09/2022 Sunday Family service TBC

07/09/2022 Wednesday Missionary Prayer

11/09/2022 Sunday Gospel Tom Bennett

14/09/2022 Wednesday Ministry Richard Catchpole

18/09/2022 Sunday Gospel Daniel Bishop

21/09/2022 Wednesday Ministry Richard Catchpole

25/09/2022 Sunday Gospel Andrew Geary

28/09/2022 Wednesday Ministry Daniel Bishop

All meetings are held in the will of the Lord (see James 4.15).