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Forthcoming meetings

01/01/2023    Sunday    No meeting    
04/01/2023    Wednesday    TBS Meeting    Philip Blows
08/01/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Fran Newby
11/01/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    Douglas Place
15/01/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Gareth Lucas
18/01/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Philip Blows
22/01/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Ken Totton
25/01/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
29/01/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Tom Bennett
01/02/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Thomas Paul
05/02/2023    Sunday    Family Service    Johnson Samuel
08/02/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Seb Bennett
12/02/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
15/02/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Seb Bennett
19/02/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Mike Surry
22/02/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Daniel Bishop
26/02/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Joash Alenson
01/03/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Ferranti Wong
05/03/2023    Sunday    Family Service    Tom Bennett
08/03/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
12/03/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Alex Howden
15/03/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Douglas Place
19/03/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
22/03/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Tom Bennett
26/03/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Daniel Bishop
29/03/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Philip Blows
02/04/2023    Sunday    Family Service    TBC
05/04/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
09/04/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Charles Williams
12/04/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Andrew Geary
16/04/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
19/04/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Joash Alenson
23/04/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Andrew Geary
26/04/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Joash Alenson
30/04/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Daniel Bishop
03/05/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
07/05/2023    Sunday    Family Service    Johnson Samuel
10/05/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Charles Williams
14/05/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Richard Catchpole
17/05/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Charles Williams
21/05/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
24/05/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Robert Bennett
28/05/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
31/05/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Daniel Bishop
04/06/2023    Sunday    Family Service    Joash Alenson
07/06/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
11/06/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Robert Bennett
14/06/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Philip Blows
18/06/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
21/06/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Peter Scott
25/06/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
28/06/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Peter Scott
02/07/2023    Sunday    Family Service    Nitish Patel
05/07/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
09/07/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
12/07/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    David Scott
16/07/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Charles Williams
19/07/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    David Scott
23/07/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Gareth Lucas
26/07/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Daniel Bishop
30/07/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
02/08/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
06/08/2023    Sunday    Family Service    TBC
09/08/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Tom Bennett
13/08/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
16/08/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Richard Catchpole
20/08/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Robert Bennett
23/08/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Douglas Place
27/08/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
30/08/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Seb Bennett
03/09/2023    Sunday    Family Service    Richard Catchpole
06/09/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
10/09/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Daniel Bishop
13/09/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Douglas Place
17/09/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
20/09/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Seb Bennett
24/09/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Joash Alenson
27/09/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Andrew Geary
01/10/2023    Sunday    Family Service    Johnson Samuel
04/10/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
08/10/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
11/10/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Robert Bennett
15/10/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
18/10/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Philip Blows
22/10/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Daniel Bishop
25/10/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
29/10/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Charles Williams
01/11/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Justin Ramsey
05/11/2023    Sunday    Family Service    TBC
08/11/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Justin Ramsey
12/11/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Joash Alenson
15/11/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Douglas Place
19/11/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
22/11/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Charles Williams
26/11/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Daniel Bishop
29/11/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Charles Williams
03/12/2023    Sunday    Family Service    TBC
06/12/2023    Wednesday    Missionary Prayer    John Branch
10/12/2023    Sunday    Gospel    TBC
13/12/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Johnson Samuel
17/12/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Johnson Samuel
20/12/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    Johnson Samuel
24/12/2023    Sunday    Carol Service    Philip Blows
27/12/2023    Wednesday    Ministry    TBC
31/12/2023    Sunday    Gospel    Daniel Bishop

All meetings are held in the will of the Lord. (See James 4.15.)

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